It's Boiler Season

It’s starting to get much colder out there which makes this the perfect time to upgrade the heating in your home. We know that for our customers, keeping warm in winter is incredibly important which is why we make it our job to keep their homes cosy.

At J Hart, we undertake all heating and plumbing work, from complex installations to emergency call-outs. We pride ourselves on providing quality services and can currently offer a range of heating options to ensure that your home stays toasty even when the climate drops.

For a bit of luxury, why not install underfloor heating? A huge trend in home renovations this year is underfloor heating. It means that you will never have to put your feet on cold flooring again and makes getting out of bed or the shower that little bit easier on a cold winters morning.  Underfloor heating doesn’t necessarily mean taking up your floors, other options are available. For example, electric underfloor heating is very low profile and typically allows you to put your choice of floor covering over the top. Talk to us for advice suitable to your home.

Using warm water to heat your home, this is a more environmentally friendly choice to traditional heating. Not only can it reduce your energy costs by between 15% and 40%, it makes the home much more spacious by removing the need for radiators.  Due to the current housing climate, underfloor heating has been proven to increase the desirability of your home, meaning that it adds significant value.

If a complex installation is not for you, don’t panic. Simply upgrading your boiler can help to keep your home warm and reduce costs this winter. The average boiler lasts around 15 years; however, many older boilers can experience faults before they reach this age. The older your boiler becomes, the harder it has to work to heat your home and the risk of malfunction is higher. By switching to an energy efficient boiler, you could save up to 30% of your energy bills and avoid any risks of carbon monoxide leaks, higher fuel charges or constant repairs.

Advancements in boilers over recent years have made them more efficient in heating specific rooms and temperature adjustments have become more precise. Modern boilers can also heat your home almost instantly, so you won’t have to wait around for hours to warm up or access hot water and you can put away the woolly socks.

Our plumbing and heating engineers are all gas safe registered which enables them to provide safe and quality installations. Our engineers can to keep your home warm this winter and help you to save on energy bills for years to come.

Don’t sit in the cold this winter, before you dig out your old blankets why not contact our team on 01964 630 777 and see how we can keep you warm. After all, we are the experts.