The kitchen tends to be the hart of most people’s homes, so getting your design perfect for you and your family is important.

Whether it’s just some home improvements or a brand new kitchen, here’s some inspiration for summer 2017.

Splash in some colour.

An easy way to breath some new life into your kitchen is to add a splash of colour. Whether it’s a bright blue feature wall or a green fridge, adding bright and vibrant colours into your kitchen can really modernise the feel of the room. Pair that bright blue wall with some matching appliances, like a blue kettle and toaster, then keep everything else in the room reasonably plain. This way you can change the colour every few years to keep it up to date and bright moving into summer 2018 and 2019.

Metals don’t have to be boring.

Kitchen design can be as simple or as complicated as you like. If you decide you might like a more rustic look kitchen, choose a traditional Aga cooker and a Belfast sink. Keep the rest of the kitchen simple with a white textured wall and a huge unconventional light. From here go crazy with copper. Adding in accents of various copper tones can brighten up your kitchen and modernise that rustic feel. Whether it’s a copper hood for your oven or brushed copper handles for your drawers.

Bring it back down to earth.

Neutral tones don’t have to be boring, in fact grey, white and black are perfect to mix with earthy items such as a brick and wood. If you have an exposed brick wall in your kitchen make it the feature, don’t hide it away. The same goes for wooden features, be it a deep wooden effect feature wall to a wooden island in the middle of your kitchen. This timeless earthy look is perfect for all ages, especially when you pair it with some leafy green plants and herbs on your window sill.

Not every style will suit everyone’s taste, but it is more than likely that at least one of the above will give you some kitchen design inspiration. So, get your summer 2017 off to a great start with your perfect kitchen.

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