Sevvy’s Journey

J Hart is passionate about the training and development of our staff. We often hire apprentices to help them to gain the experience and knowledge they need in order to forge a successful career in the plumbing industry. Jonny started out as an apprentice himself and hopes to provide the same quality of training that allowed him to set up his company.

After working as a Labourer on several building sites in the area, the J Hart team welcomed Sevvy as an Apprentice in summer 2013. Sevvy had previously been very unlucky in employment and struggled to find anyone in the industry willing to take a chance on him.

Recognising Sevvy’s strong work ethic and determination, Jonny decided that he would be an asset to the J Hart team.

Throughout the last year, Sevvy has been working with our engineers on a range of domestic installations and plumbing services. After consistent hard work and willingness to complete any task set, Sevvy completed his apprenticeship. However, this is not the end of his J Hart story.

Sevvy’s fantastic work ethic and perseverance has paid off and has allowed him to become a fully qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineer. He will now be working with us on a permanent basis with a great background of knowledge to help him get started.

Before joining J Hart, Sevvy admits that his career path was seemingly a dead-end and he had little hope of establishing a long-term career. The training opportunity we provided has given Sevvy an excellent foundation for his future and we’re sure he will continue to be an asset to the J Hart team.

J Hart hopes to continue its role in the development of young people through our apprenticeship programme and aim to have more follow in the footsteps of Sevvy.

The team are all thrilled to have Sevvy stay on board. What a character he is!

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