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5 Small Bathroom Ideas from Harts from our Design Specialists
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1. Wall Mounted Vanity Units

Milan White Wall Hung Basin Vanity Unit

Open up the floor space in your bathroom by choosing wall mounted units over standard floor mounted units. Wall mounted vanity units have become popular small bathroom ideas because many come with an integrated basin on top. A better option still is to go for a compact vanity unit which has a slimline appearance or even a corner mounted vanity unit.









2. Mirrored Cabinets

Brooklyn Avola Grey 2 Door Mirrored Cabinet

Mirrored cabinets are a great choice for small bathrooms because they combine two functions into one. There are lots mirrored cabinet styles available at Harts Bathrooms & Kitchens.
Stylistic & Modern all rolled into one.









3. Wall Mounted Taps

Plaza Waterfall Wall Mounted Basin Tap

The available space around your basin is really important because we all like to have our bottles and potions to hand when we’re getting ready for the day. A great solution to free up space around your basin is to install a wall mounted tap. They look stunning in addition to saving space so take a look at the options available and see which style might suit your bathroom design.








4.  A Bath Screen Instead Of A Shower Curtain

Roman Haven Angled Bath Screen with Towel Rail

Shower curtains in small bathrooms can appear bulky and serve to break up the room. The room can then appear to look a little claustrophobic. A better option is to choose a bath screen (also known as a shower screen) instead because it will allow for more light to flow around your bathroom while still making sure your floor doesn’t get soaking wet every time you’re in the shower.







5. Soft Edges

Monza Stone Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit
Small bathrooms can mean tight spaces which in turn means you run the risk of knocking yourself against the edges from time to time. The solution here is to employ bathroom items with smooth, rounded edges. Opt for a rounded toilet seat over a square one and consider vanity units with recessed handles.
We know these tips for small Bathrooms will assist you through any ideas you may be thinking.
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