1.Embrace storage bins and sliding doors.

Install sliding cabinet doors and hide bulky kitchen appliances and pantry items behind them — and stash storage bins in empty shelves to conceal items you don’t use very often.
small kitchen ideas

2. Opt for tiered shelving.
Utilize all that wall space by stacking more layers of open shelving on top of each other.
small kitchen ideas
3. Install a pull-out pantry drawer.

No room for a full-size pantry? This slim pull-out pantry setup keeps your cooking staples nearby.

small kitchens

4. Go minimal.

Pare down your clutter and your tiny kitchen is guaranteed to feel bigger. Gray subway tile and wooden open shelving help the pared down vibe.

small kitchen ideas

5. Or Be a maximalist.

Or go in the other direction: Over-the-top patterns, colors, rugs, and accessories. Piling it on with purpose will help your space feel cozy, not overwhelmed.

small kitchen ideas

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